The Employability Fund are short courses designed to help you get the right skills and training to get you into a job, further education or a Modern Apprenticeship. These are Skills Development Scotland national training programmes and delivered at Stages 2, 3 or 4 depending on your current needs. This page gives you a general overview of what to expect on the course however may differ depending on your individual needs and interests.


Weeks 1-3

In the first few weeks you will meet your training group and tutors. You will work with your tutor to develop your own training plan. This will identify the skills, qualifications, and experience you want to get out of the course. As a group you will work on building team skills, your confidence and learn essential skills for the work place.  

There may also be training in First Aid, Food Hygiene, Moving and Handling, and Customer Service. Learners interested in the care sector will be able to get training on essential skills for care, Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, and other topics.

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Weeks 3-4

In these weeks your focus will be on your next steps after the course. You will get support to create your CV, and practise different interview techniques. You will also be preparing to go out into a work placement. This will involve selecting where you want to go, contacting potential placements and arranging interviews for placements. Your tutor will be on hand to support and guide you throughout this process. 

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Weeks 4-8

These weeks will be your work placement weeks. This is where you will have the opportunity to get real work experience, an up-to-date reference and prove you are ready for the work place. It will allow you to see exactly what responsibilities are required for the type of work you are interested in. Throughout your placement you will be required to come into the centre weekly; this will allow you time to apply for other jobs, further education and catch up on any extra training you need. Our tutors will also come out to visit you on placement to see how everything is going.


Weeks 8+

The Employability Fund can some times last for up to 12 weeks depending on your Stage and requirements. After successful completion of the course we will continue to support you with progressing into employment, further education, or a Modern Apprenticeship.

Our Job Club runs every Wednesday afternoon where tutors will be available to help prep you for interviews, applying to jobs, and any other support you may need.


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