Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive (SERI) targets support at unemployed young people. The goal is to get them into a job or a Modern Apprenticeship.


You can get up to £4,000 when your company commits to a new job or new Modern Apprentice (MA).

The funding is a contribution towards the additional costs of recruiting a young person during their first 52 weeks of sustainable employment.

The incentive is a co-investment in young people with a view to helping businesses grow.


Glasgow Guarantee

Glasgow Guarantee is an initiative delivered by Glasgow City Council to provide employment opportunities and support local businesses to grow thereby increasing the prosperity of the Glasgow City economy.


Help with the wage costs of recruiting a young person (16-19 category above) together with financial assistance towards the training element

Help to recruit workless adults

Help to advertise and recruit a suitable candidate to meet your business needs from a wide pool of candidates registered with Glasgow Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can any employer use SERI?

A private business or third sector organisation of any size can recruit a young person aged 16-29, provided they fit into one of the eligibility groups and providing you can demonstrate capacity to offer sustained employment. This can include recruitment into a MA.

Can I employ a 15 year old young person who has left school?

You can take on a young person who is 15 years of age if they have their National Insurance Number and have reached the statutory school leaving date.

Can any employer use Glasgow Guarantee?

To be eligible for GG your business must be based within the Glasgow City Council postcode boundary, and employ less than 250 people.

Can I use the funding together with other funding?

Yes, GG can be used alongside Skills Development Scotland funded programmes such as Modern Apprenticeships.