Chloe's Employability Journey

Chloe l&g learning Employability Fund.jpeg

We had another great success story to celebrate this week as Chloe Anderson progressed from our Stage 3 Employability Fund course into full time employment.

Chloe left school the day of joining our course. Like many other people her age Chloe was desperate to leave school and start a career for herself. "I was happy to leave school but scared of starting something new. Starting in a new group was hard but I got to know everyone." Chloe was set on a career in childcare however after a short spell within the nursery she realised how difficult the job role was. Starting a work placement was a real eye opening experience for Chloe as she began to realise how difficult the world of work was. Chloe was now left with a feeling of fear, not knowing what to do next.

I was happy to leave school but scared of starting something new

We continued to support Chloe after leaving and through a family friend she was given the opportunity to start work with Subway. It goes to show do not solely rely on the internet to find employment opportunities.

Thanks to Richard for making an awkward photograph that little bit easier for Chloe and well done again.